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The Vintage Sports Car Club Of Western Australia Inc.


VSCC Caversham Airfield Sub Committee

This Committee has been formed to ensure the preservation of the motor racing heritage of the Caversham Airfield.

The following is from a presentation that was conducted by Rob Ozanne to the VSCC members at the club meeting on the 4th February 2008.


The Caversham Committee has been very busy negotiating with the Government, renovating buildings and planning. We have been slack keeping the membership up to date with what we have been up to. I hope this web-page will redress that and scotch some of the more outlandish rumours that are currently circulating.


  • Drive up to Caversham on Feb 23rd 2008 @ 1.00pm till 6.00pm in your historic car for a photo and a chance to look at the club house.
    Coffee and snacks provided. Bring a coffee mug or glass as a donation.
  • Busy bee times.
    • If you would like to be involved, these are the dates an times Dad’s Army meet

      Tuesdays 9am - 3pm. Feb 19th & 26th

                                      March 4th and 18th.
      Saturdays 1pm - 5pm  Feb 23rd and March 15th.

    • All are invited on the 23rd Feb. to have a look at the buildings and enjoy some hospitality. Come in your concessionally licensed car for a display and photo opportunity.


  • To secure a permanent home for the VSCC
  • To ensure the preservation of the airfields motoring history by influencing the way it is developed
  • To conduct an annual motoring event at the airfield 

This sign has been errected at the site.

  • To achieve these goals it is important we are seen to have an interest and a presence at the airfield.
    This sign on the main gate leaves no doubt as to who is in residence.


This is a map showing the VSCCs proposal for the development of the airfield.

(Click here for a larger view of the map)

  • We wanted to have a say in the development of the Albion Estate to ensure that the sites motoring heritage is retained. Our vision is for a suburb designed around a race track. This is our proposal on how this could be achieved.
  • Note the existing runways are retained, there is a physical connection with Whiteman Park and the centre of the triangular circuit is set aside for a school and public open space.
  • The Club-house block and buildings are preserved as part of the open space.
  • The "D" circuit has been declared a "Bush Forever Site" and is safe from development

A view of some of the Buildings.

  • Originally housed the radio communications centre.
  • Made up of the main building which has a large hall, a number of office and meeting rooms, and kitchen and toilet facilities.
    In a second building there is a large motor workshop and store rooms.

A view from inside the main hall.

  • Great meeting room larger in area than the Jaguar Club.
  • Walls ideal for hanging memorabilia etc.

Hall showing doors.

  • The large opening doors at the far end enable cars to be driven through for talks and displays.

Committee room.

  • This is one of 5 rooms some smaller and some larger.
    These rooms to be used for: Club Office, Meeting room, Library, Workshop etc.

Motor Workshop.

  • We envisage running weekend workshops using the expertise of some of our members. (Welding, panel beating  fibre-glass etc…)

Workshop interior.

  • Dads Army have planned the installation of a hoist.

Barbie area.

  • The site has pleasant surroundings great for Displays, Concourse etc. 

The work-force.

  • Many of our members have realised the wonderful opportunity this site gives the Club to have a home of its own. These are some of the many who have backed their belief in the idea by working to make sure it happens.
  • They have achieved a lot without spending money.


They have obtained enough furniture to furnish the whole building.

Cleaned up the building and the site.

They have painted the interior with donated paint.

Repaired and polished the floors.

Set up the kitchen with fridge micro wave etc.

Overhauled the plumbing.

September’s event.

  • Still in the planning stage. Watch this space.

 Captain Mannering (Paul Wilkins) leaves building.

Thanks to the club house workers.
Better known as “Dad’s Army”

O.C. Captain Mannering - Paul Wilkins.

Ron Edwards, Tom Benson, Rob Stewart, Luke Stewart,

Ivan Michelson, Ian Fry, Ron Fabry, Graham Reed,

Stephen James,Terry Reynolds, Brad Screaigh, Ross Oxwell.

Ed Farrar, Rob Ozanne, Allan Hornby, Andy Freeman.

Assistance with Media.

Mary Anne Stewart- Richardson, Ken Stewart-Richardson, Charlie Mitchel.

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