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The Vintage Sports Car Club Of Western Australia Inc.


Vintage Stampede

Typically held on the last weekend in November or early December each year, the Vintage Stampede gives all members the opportunity to compete on the full race circuit at Wanneroo Raceway. Fans get a chance to see historic motor sport competition at its finest, with full access to the pit lane area where drivers are more than happy to discuss all aspects of their cars and their history.  Come and relive the glory days.

The first Vintage Stampede was held in 1989 and has been run every year since making it the VSCC's longest-running and most successful event. The event is run as a one-day regularity trial and is traditionally the climax of the VSCC's competitive event calendar each year.

A Regularity Trial is a variation of the rules for historic competition that allows members to drive their cars competitively. Following a practice session, competitors nominate a lap time that they attempt to replicate on each subsequent lap of the circuit. Points are allocated for each second greater or less than their nominated lap time. The winner of the regularity trial is the competitor who has completed the required number of laps while accruing the least number of points.

Regularity events give all members the opportunity to compete and test their skill on the track, regardless of the category or age of vehicle they drive. Thus, the Vintage Stampede attracts entries from a large number of competitors in a wide variety of Historic and Modern vehicle categories.

Download map of Accredited Photographer Access areas for Wanneroo Raceway

Want to know what it's like? Then follow Steve around in his Fiat 125T (Click Here)

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