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The Vintage Sports Car Club Of Western Australia Inc.


Caversham Re-Born by Graeme Lukey

At the end of World War 2 the military airstrips at ‘Caversham’ in the Swan Valley became Western Australia’s first dedicated motor racing circuit and one of the most challenging in Australia. Racing there was intense and included two Australian Grand Prix's in 1957 & 1962.
Military needs resulted in the WA Sporting Car Club, the operators of the circuit, moving to their new home at Wanneroo in 1968.

The land containing the airstrips sat in limbo for many years and by 2006 it was still owned by the Commonwealth Government but ear-marked to be sold to the State Government for housing.

Many West Aussies however revered those glorious years and in 2006 some far sighted members of the VSCC of WA began action to try to preserve something of the venue for history. The timing proved perfect and the sequence of the events that followed surprised even the most optimistic. Early in 2007 the land was transferred to the State Government who immediately had the area of the race circuit made into a permanent reserve and gave the VSCC of WA the OK to run an event there to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Australian Grand Prix run on the circuit in 1957.

Again the response exceeded expectations. On 2nd of September 2007 around 300 classic and historic sports and racing cars roared around the old circuit. The stars were 5 cars [and a replica ] that actually competed in the ’57 AGP. An estimated 4000 odd people came to enjoy the atmosphere and the memories.

 The rebirth of ‘Caversham’ is unfolding right now.

The VSCC of WA has use of the substantial ex-military buildings on the site and the preservation of the circuit and the development of the surrounding housing suburb present the opportunity to create something genuinely unique in Western Australia.

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Updated on: 25 Jul 2019
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